What are your writing habits?

Are you a journaler? Creative writer? Occasional note-taker or scribbler who wants to write more?

This mini-course is an invitation to make writing a more joyful ritual in your life by understanding the habits you already have (whatever they are). Learn, in this simple 4-part course, to LISTEN to the inner writer within and work WITH them, not against them, to create new habits.
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Are you a bit stuck with writing?

Out of practice? Want to have more FUN? Watch the video to find out more about creating a joyful writing habit you can really stick to.

A joyful writing habit is as easy and natural as breathing. As reliable as the seasons.

Want to know how I know? Because for years I fought against myself on this. For years I was sure I wasn’t writing enough, writing well enough, writing honestly enough, writing productively enough, writing academically enough... The list went on.

And one day I realised: all this ‘not enoughness’ I was feeling came down to one thing: I’d lost the joy of writing, the ease of writing, the magic of writing.

As a kid, this came so easily. I wrote for fun. I shared with others simply to revel in and celebrate what I had made (a journal or story). I kept up a writing habit not because I ‘had to’ but because I loved to – and loving something makes it easy.

This self-paced online mini-course is designed to get you over your own feelings of ‘not enoughness’ and bring you back to the page with ease: to create a joyful writing habit that will stick.

Create a Writing Habit That Sticks

In this mini-course you get: a gorgeous 22-page workbook full of writing exercises and examples, a friendly introduction from Megan, four supportive video sessions plus one audio writing meditation.

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Want to know a little more about me?

Tutor Dr Megan C Hayes

I am equal parts Author, Researcher & Relentless Optimist, fascinated with words and how words create wellbeing. My MSc and PhD each explored the links between writing, psychology & happiness. I have lectured in Creative Writing for several years, helping to set up the UK's first MA Creative Writing & Wellbeing, as well as gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (Academic Professional). I'm the author of The Joy of Writing Things Down (Greenfinch) and Write Yourself Happy (Gaia), among other titles.


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I will be your guide (from my comfy pink armchair) through the online course materials for THE JOYFUL WRITING HABIT. I am only ever at the other end of an email before, during and after the mini-course. If you have questions, write to me: megan@meganchayes.com 💌
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