"I looked always outside of myself to see what I could make the world give me instead of looking within myself to see what was there."

—Belle Livingstone

What You Get

DELVE is full-to-the-brim with guidance for journeying inwards with the help of the page. When you sign up you'll get immediate access to the Online Classroom and all the materials you will need for your journey, including:

  • 12 warm & practical video sessions on ways to deepen your journal practice

  • 12 creative & reflective PDF worksheets (all downloadable & printable)

  • Access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course, so that you can enjoy this journey at your own pace

Your Guide

Want to know a little more about me?

Tutor Dr Megan C Hayes

I am equal parts Author, Researcher & Relentless Optimist, fascinated with words and how words create wellbeing. My MSc and PhD each explored the links between writing, psychology & happiness. I have lectured in Creative Writing for several years, helping to set up the UK's first MA Creative Writing & Wellbeing, as well as gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (Academic Professional). I'm the author of The Joy of Writing Things Down (Greenfinch) and Write Yourself Happy (Gaia), among other titles.


Megan's work & research has been featured by:



Have questions?

  • What is the time commitment of DELVE? 🕰 🍂

    DELVE needs just 2-3 hours per week and is entirely self-paced (there are no 'tests' and no need to ‘keep up’ - this is your journey, done your way). Each week you will get a few short videos to watch, a weekly worksheet and time allocated for journalling. You can spend as little or as long as you want on this last bit, but it is where the most fun is to be had! 😄✏️

  • Is there a live element of DELVE?

    This course originally ran live in 2021 and is now entirely self-study with NO live elements. You can fit all the prerecorded sessions around your other commitments with ease. Write your way. Go at your own pace. Enjoy the gentle journey.

  • For how long will I have access to the sessions and materials? 📚

    You will have access to the course site for a minimum of one year, and in reality for the lifetime of the course's existence! You are also welcome to download and save the course materials (meaning you can have them forever!)

  • Do I need lots of journal writing experience to take this course? Or to purchase any special bits and bobs? 🤔

    No and no! All you really need to take the course is a passion for/interest in journal writing, a pen and something to write on. You are invited to gather some creative supplies such as stickers, washi tape and/or coloured pens, but you can use what you already have if you would prefer not to buy new.

DELVE: Writing to Access Your Inner Resources

It's time for a new season of self. Craft a journal practice that brings you back home.